Three-Point Lighting for Non-Studio Productions: Is it really possible?

three point lighting outside of studio

A lot changes when you step outside of a controlled studio setting.  As a lighting professional, what you notice immediately is that you have less control over the ambient light sources around you — whether the production takes place indoors or outdoors.  If you’ve ever struggled to force a traditional three-point lighting setup to work, […]

6 Film Lighting Techniques Every Lighting Designer Needs to Know

film lighting technique using led lights on film set

When you’re working on a film – either as a cinematographer or a lighting specialist – using the right film lighting techniques in your lighting design is incredibly crucial. It goes far beyond simply illuminating a set or actor; it lets you accentuate a mood, create drama, time reveals, and so much more. While there […]

Lighting Techniques for Making Movies While You’re Stuck at Home

resting-female-boxer-with-her-arms-on-the-punching-PDE476W (1)

Stuck at home, but want to light a scene like a pro? You can! Not having access to gear makes lighting a scene difficult, but not impossible. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to make your film look professional with the lighting you already have. With COVID-19 still around, most of us are spending […]

4 Cinematic Lighting Techniques Explained

The Victory Studios team created a video with a quick rundown of how to light your film to achieve a number of cinematic lighting effects for your next film project. They put together four different shots to illustrate different lighting techniques, and break down what went into creating those shots. We covered many of these […]