8 Event Lighting Tips and Tricks

robe megapointes with red light

Whether you’re using your own equipment, taking advantage of lighting rental options, or using a combination approach, when you are preparing the lighting for an event, you’ll have a lot of details to manage. If you don’t tackle it all the right way, it can quickly become overwhelming, even for experienced lighting designers. Luckily, by […]

Lighting Designer – What One Is and What They Do

Paloma Parra female lighting designer

When a production is preparing to get underway, the first step is to usually line up the expertise the show needs to execute the director’s vision. Typically, this means securing a range of subject matter experts, including a lighting designer. If you’re relatively new to the stage, aren’t sure why having a lighting designer on […]

Blinder Lights and Strobes: What They Are, and How to Use Them in a Production

strobe and blinder light used for stage concert lighting

Your lighting design is a big part of your stage production. With the right lights, you can create drama, steer the audience’s gaze, inject excitement, and much more. Blinder lights and strobes are ideal for these purposes, creating unique effects that capture the attention of all attendees. If you are wondering what a blinder light […]

Theatre Stage Lights: What Do I Need for a Basic Show?

Stage in the abandoned theatre

If you’re running a small production – like a community, school, or church show – it’s easy to become overwhelmed by choice. The sheer number of theatre stage lights on the market is often astounding, particularly if anyone creating their first basic production. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a setup that’ll meet your […]

Mike Wood Presents: A Theatrical Previs Competition

Hi there! My name is Mike Wood, and I’m a lighting designer, lighting director, and educator based in Nashville, TN. I primarily work in the theatrical market at theatres all over the United States, including a long-term residency as the Resident LD at City Springs Theatre Company in Atlanta, GA. In addition to my professional […]

Want to be a Lighting Designer? Now’s Your Chance With Lux Partum

If there’s a silver-lining to these crazy times, it’s that our industry has pulled together and created free training, and virtual experiences like we’ve never seen before. Meet Lux Partum Lux Partum was created as something special to be enjoyed by everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea behind the project was to realize […]

5 Places to Study Lighting Design

Are you interested in becoming a lighting designer, but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 ideas to get you going: 1. Do a search for production companies in your area. This is often overlooked, but possibly the best option if you’re wanting to learn lighting design. Working for a production company will give […]