Installation – Magnum Upgrades Studio for Weather Group Studio 1C Espanyol2 min read

weather channel studio installation
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Weather Group Television LLC Studio 1C Espanyol Studio in Marietta, Georgia, was in need of a complete overhaul of its studio space.

With the help of gear from ETC and LitePanels, we were able to create an updated studio.

The Weather Group removed all of the existing fixtures in 1C Espanyol Studio. Magnum designed this entire project around ETC and Litepanels.

For lighting the talent, we used (8) Litepanels Astra Bi-Soft units as key and fill lights.

The (14) ETC ColorSource Jr Spots were used as accent color floor lighting and for the set walls, and we upgraded the console to the ETC Element 2.

We provided the complete design with drawings and specifications, and performed the installation of hang, focus and training.


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