The Dos and Don’ts of Planning an Outdoor Wedding3 min read

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There’s something irresistibly rustic and fairytale-like about having an outdoor wedding. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony in your backyard or looking to rent out a specific location, organizing an outdoor wedding can make this once-in-a-lifetime event all the more special.

Of course, an outdoor wedding still requires meticulous planning just like any other event. And since proper planning makes the absolute difference between a good event and a great one, below are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when organizing an outdoor wedding.


Choose the right season (and time)

This first tip is quite obviously the most important one. After all, you don’t want your guests to freeze to death during your ceremony, or else end up sweating buckets! Spring or early fall is generally your best bet for an outdoor wedding, but summer weddings are also doable if you live in an area with a relatively mild climate. From there, you’ll also want to pick the right time for your wedding. That means holding your ceremony late in the afternoon or dusk rather than right after lunch when the sun is at its highest.

Give the option to livestream your event

Some couples just can’t wait to get married, and that’s totally fine! To make sure all your loved ones can attend your special day, make sure to give the option to livestream your event. The New York Times notes that livestreaming has become the norm thanks to the global health crisis; you can hold another ceremony later on once lockdown restrictions ease up.

Opt for comfortable attire

Wearing breathable clothing is key to making sure you and your guests get to enjoy your special day without the fuss. That said, you don’t have to dress up super casually either just because it’s outdoors. For those who want to keep cool while still looking stylish, sheath dresses come highly recommended by Pretty Me’s fashion team. While an outdoor wedding means you’ll likely have to forego a wedding dress with a huge train at the end, you can still make a statement by opting for pieces that really accentuate your figure.


Forget about lighting

Our Virtual Events: A Comprehensive Guide post talks about the importance of lighting for your livestream. While you may think that working with outdoor lighting is enough, you should consider investing in the right lighting solutions and working with a team to establish what kind of tools you’ll need. Doing so can help ensure that every part of your event remains picture-perfect in real life, and not to mention accessible to those who are just viewing it on a screen.

Skimp on hiring a good photographer

Trust us: one good photographer can produce better work than all the photo booths and selfies combined. In fact, wedding planner Karen Norian emphasizes that the right wedding photographer can capture all the serious and candid moments of your family and friends. A great photographer can also anticipate potential shooting problems that come up with an outdoor wedding, from shifting lighting conditions to visual impediments like dust and pollen. You can still opt to have fun gimmicks like keeping disposable cameras around for your guests to use, but the point is that hiring a professional photographer ensures that you’ll always have memories to look back on.

With many of us itching to go outside once this health crisis ends, an outdoor wedding might just be the celebration you need to liven everyone’s spirits. Keeping these tips in mind can help you create a ceremony that you and your guests will surely remember!

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Written by Rae Jolene 

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