A Hybrid Micro-Wedding to Remember4 min read

hybrid micro wedding event in atlanta
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For couples looking to tie the knot in 2020, they’re faced with new challenges as they plan their wedding.

In early 2020, most weddings were just postponed indefinitely. Then, as the world started figuring out how to live during a pandemic, we started to see couples opt for a virtual wedding – one where the ceremony was broadcast out to their friends and family, but everyone was separate.

Now we’re seeing the rise of hybrid and micro weddings.

What is a Hybrid Micro-Wedding?

We’ll be answer this question in a detailed guide on our site very soon, but for the sake of this post, think of it as a small, intimate wedding with a limited number of guests that is streamed out for everyone that couldn’t attend in person to see.

As you’ll see in the pictures, just because it’s a micro-wedding, it doesn’t mean it has to look “micro.”

Our Micro-Wedding Installation

We were recently asked to work with SpecialTEvents to help design an elegant wedding setting for a couple looking to get married.

Creating a grand-looking space for a micro-amount of guests isn’t as easy as you’d expect.

Creativity is a must to make sure you fill the room so it doesn’t look empty, while keeping it classy looking and safe for the guests.

For this micro-wedding, we assisted with the lighting and the virtual/streaming of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Fixtures and Gear List

Photos from the Hybrid Micro-Wedding

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