25 Hybrid and Micro-Wedding Ideas5 min read

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Holding a wedding during times where social distancing is a must, travel restrictions reign, and health concerns dominate many conversations is challenging. Often, the situations created by the pandemic make large-scale weddings impractical, if not impossible, to pull off. Luckily, thanks to hybrid and micro-weddings, that doesn’t mean you have to delay your nuptials.

What Are Micro or Hybrid Weddings?

A micro-wedding is a small event that involves very few people. Usually, the total number of guests doesn’t exceed 20. In some cases, micro-wedding venues even limit further, only allowing a total of 5 to 10 guests, including the wedding party.

Additionally, with a micro-wedding, your wedding party may only be maids of honor and best men, if you have a wedding party at all. Alternatively, your entire guest list might be your wedding party if you want to involve more people that way.

Now, it isn’t that micro-weddings can’t be opulent. The defining characteristic is the number of people in attendance, not the luxuriousness of the occasion. You can certainly go all out; you just have a limited guest list.

Hybrid weddings are events that have a live and virtual component. Typically, the virtual portion is a livestream, allowing guests to watch your wedding without being onsite. It’s essentially a form of live broadcast, giving you the ability to have a near-endless number of people what the ceremony.

In many cases, the live portion of a hybrid wedding is actually a micro-wedding. However, it can also be a large-scale affairfeaturing dozens, if not hundreds, or guests. What makes it a hybrid event is the presence of that virtual component, not the size of the live event.

25 Ideas for Micro and Hybrid Weddings

small micro wedding with livestreaming

Even if you go with a hybrid or micro-wedding, that doesn’t mean your big day can’t be extraordinary. By incorporating some unique or fun ideas, you can make it an exceptionally memorable experience, both for live and virtual guests.

If you want to take your hybrid or micro-wedding to the next level, here are 25 hybrid and micro-wedding ideas worth trying:

1. Make other traditional parts of the experience – beyond the actual wedding ceremony – virtual events, too, including the rehearsal dinner and reception

2. Create a custom cocktail and share the recipe online for virtual guests

3. Look for a micro-wedding venue with built-in hybrid capabilities, including multiple camera angles and solid sound options

4. Focus your attention on the ceremony first if you’re holding a virtual wedding, as some attendees won’t linger long during the reception

5. If you need to choose your own streaming service and handle your own stream for your hybrid wedding, consider a specialty option like Lovecast that offers a feature-rich experience, including live chats and virtual rice tosses

6. When you have your rehearsal, use your livestreaming technology to make sure it captures the event properly for virtual wedding guests

7. Have one-on-one video calls with virtual wedding attendees to thank them

8. Create your own personalized playlist for the reception, use Bluetooth speakers to share it during the reception, and send virtual attendees a link to it so they can experience it, too

9. Try micro-wedding packages from specialty micro-wedding providers or venues to simplify planning

10. Create a wedding hashtag and encourage virtual attendees to share screenshots, warm wishes videos, and more

11. Take a group selfie with the pared down wedding party and use it on your thank you cards

12. Send small wedding favors to all virtual attendees

13. Use a mini-wedding cake for the cake-cutting tradition, but serve high-end cupcakes featuring the same flavors to attendees

14. Send virtual attendees a cupcake mix in a jar that matches your wedding cake and cupcakes, allowing them to bake their own wedding treats

15. Get catering from your favorite local restaurant for a post-micro-wedding reception dinner

16. Give each micro-wedding attendee a bottle of champagne with a custom label

17. Send virtual attendees “newlywed advice” or “recipe request” cards with stamped, pre-addressed return envelopes, allowing them to share something special

18. Coordinate a drive-by receiving line so that local virtual attendees can give you a proper send-off

19. If you want to save money and promote safe social distancing, hold a micro-wedding in your, a friend’s, or a family member’s backyard

20. Explore local and state parks as potential micro-wedding venues

21. Make your micro-wedding a destination wedding

22. If you’re looking for a unique venue, reach out to area botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums, or planetariums to see if they rent spaces out for events

23. Rent out a whole property for your micro-wedding on Airbnb, VRBO, or similar service

24. If you want a professional photographer, hire one that can take photos from a distance. With the right lenses and camera, they can capture exceptional images while respecting social distancing requirements

25. During a virtual wedding, set up a camera with a timer – or a smartphone with a camera timer app – on a tripod and have it snap images at specific intervals throughout the ceremony

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