Three-Point Lighting for Non-Studio Productions: Is it really possible?

three point lighting outside of studio

A lot changes when you step outside of a controlled studio setting.  As a lighting professional, what you notice immediately is that you have less control over the ambient light sources around you — whether the production takes place indoors or outdoors.  If you’ve ever struggled to force a traditional three-point lighting setup to work, […]

6 Film Lighting Techniques Every Lighting Designer Needs to Know

film lighting technique using led lights on film set

When you’re working on a film – either as a cinematographer or a lighting specialist – using the right film lighting techniques in your lighting design is incredibly crucial. It goes far beyond simply illuminating a set or actor; it lets you accentuate a mood, create drama, time reveals, and so much more. While there […]

Setting the Stage for The Church International – Installation

The Church international new film set installation

The Church International asked us to build them a set for filming, and install all new lighting in their new space. We installed Ellipsoidals, pars, a control console, various moving lights, and a hazer to provide a ton of options for The Church International to work with, while also providing training on the lighting console. […]

The Key Light: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters

gaffer setting up key light

The world of production lighting relies on a range of fixtures, techniques, and effects. However, no aspect of illuminating a scene is quite as crucial as the key light. The key light is present in every lighting setup, and it plays a vital role in setting the mood of a scene and general ambiance. If […]

Getting Started with DMX Lighting

dmx cables hanging in lighting shop warehouse

While older lighting approaches are certainly simple, they don’t provide the level of versatility most productions need. Whether you’re new to stage or screen lighting or simply want to explore new avenues that offer additional control, you may be curious about DMX lighting and whether it could be right for your needs. With DMX, you […]