Event Planning – The Ultimate Timeline for Making Your Event a Success

confetti at a live night event with blue and purple lights

A successful event doesn’t happen by accident or on a whim. Instead, a lot of time and attention goes into event planning, ensuring that every detail is considered, from the procurement of a space to lighting rental requirements and more. Often, there are so many points to cover that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, […]

8 Event Lighting Tips and Tricks

robe megapointes with red light

Whether you’re using your own equipment, taking advantage of lighting rental options, or using a combination approach, when you are preparing the lighting for an event, you’ll have a lot of details to manage. If you don’t tackle it all the right way, it can quickly become overwhelming, even for experienced lighting designers. Luckily, by […]

21 Requirements You Need to Follow at Your Next Georgia Event

crowded atlanta event people in a stadium cheering

Georgia’s Governor Kemp released an executive order last week for “Empowering a Healthy Georgia.” In the executive order, he lays out 21 specific requirements for servicing meeting and convention customers. You can read the full executive order, or read below to see the list of requirements. We’ve had a lot of people ask us about […]

Restrictions on Social Gatherings Loosening and What it Means for Live Events

Now that all Stay-at-Home orders have been lifted across the country, we’re starting to see states loosen even more restrictions. Governor Kemp of Georgia just announced that bars, nightclubs, and Summer school can open, and restrictions on social gatherings will be loosened on June 1st (today). Kemp said “encouraging data” on COVID-19 cases prompted his […]