9 Film Lights Showing up on Sets in 2022

There is no shortage of lighting fixtures on film sets. Everywhere you turn, there are lights. It’s hard to walk on a set and not see a bunch of HMIs hanging out, or SkyPanel S60s everywhere, but with LED technology taking off, we’re seeing a lot of new lighting fixtures entering the scene. Here are […]

Installation – Magnum Upgrades Studio for Weather Group Studio 1C Espanyol

weather channel studio installation

Weather Group Television LLC Studio 1C Espanyol Studio in Marietta, Georgia, was in need of a complete overhaul of its studio space. With the help of gear from ETC and LitePanels, we were able to create an updated studio. The Weather Group removed all of the existing fixtures in 1C Espanyol Studio. Magnum designed this […]

Lighting Install at Burke County Board of Commissions

Our latest lighting install is at the Burke County Board of Commissions. This is a multi-purpose room for their county and is used for small theatrical performances, small concert performances, meetings, and dinner theatre. It was an all ETC dimming system, with Color Source Console, Color Source Pars, and Color Source Spot. Photos of our […]