See the Live Event Industry’s Pandemic Dilemma in These 3 New Videos

men on road cases holding flairs for wemakeevents

Three videos have been released giving powerful insight into the current atmosphere of the live event and live entertainment industries as we struggle with the global pandemic. All 3 videos show exactly why our industry is in desperate need of government support immediately. Micheal Strickland, CEO of Bandit Lites on the future of live events […]

Lighting Techniques for Making Movies While You’re Stuck at Home

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Stuck at home, but want to light a scene like a pro? You can! Not having access to gear makes lighting a scene difficult, but not impossible. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to make your film look professional with the lighting you already have. With COVID-19 still around, most of us are spending […]

A Socially-Distanced 2020 High School Graduation

high school outdoor graduation with social distancing

The world is a very different place these days. With stay-at-home orders in place over the last few months, school administrators were forced to get creative with upcoming graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 Many schools shifted to virtual and socially-distanced graduations for their students, and we were lucky enough to be asked to […]

21 Requirements You Need to Follow at Your Next Georgia Event

crowded atlanta event people in a stadium cheering

Georgia’s Governor Kemp released an executive order last week for “Empowering a Healthy Georgia.” In the executive order, he lays out 21 specific requirements for servicing meeting and convention customers. You can read the full executive order, or read below to see the list of requirements. We’ve had a lot of people ask us about […]

5 Tips to Get Your Focus Under Control During Lockdown

man focusing while sitting on dock over lake surrounded by green trees

If you’ve been having trouble finding your focus lately, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve seen all the free training happening in our industry but keep telling yourself you’ll get to it tomorrow. Or maybe you feel like you need to focus on getting in better shape right now, but just can’t get motivated to do […]