Combining a leading-edge design philosophy with the latest in digital technology, the DM2000 is the world’s first sound/music production digital console to receive approval under the globally-recognized THX pm3 surround standard. Multi-channel digital broadcast, Internet delivery of television and music, the integration of next-generation “Blu-Ray Disc” media — with each passing year the market demand for surround-sound media reaches new heights, requiring ever more quality and speed from broadcast and production facilities.

Everything we know about digital audio has been put into developing the DM2000. It combines a myriad of surround mixing and monitoring functions together with a maximum of 96 inputs and 22 mixing buses, transparent sound quality thanks to a superb head amp, 24-bit AD/DA, and 96 kHz sampling, as well as superior integration with DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) packages such as NUENDO. This result is a console that is able to handle the demands of today’s production and broadcast environments with ease.


  • Precise 24-bit/96-khz audio and high-performance head amps
  • 96-input 22-bus mix capacity at 96 khz
  • Powerful channel functions with flexible control and patching
  • Eight advanced multi-effect processors plus six 31-band geqs
  • Versatile connectivity for a wide range of applications
  • Scene memory and automix functions for efficient workflow
  • Sophisticated daw or digital recorder integration

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