Ultratec Premier Fog Effects Generator

The Premier Fog Effects Generator is a top choice for all special effect needs. This best-in-class product remains on the cutting edge of the industry and offers great value. Built with our award winning Rapid-Change Technology, it has a heating capacity of 1400 watts and precision temperature controls allowing for continuous flow output.

With its three modes of operations – Stand-Alone, Analog Remote, DMX/RDM data – the Premier boasts a 25’ hand-held timer remote extendable with optional cables. The Premier holds 4L/1 Gallon fog fluid and has a comfortable, large, top grab-handle, a detail often overlooked.

This model is ideal for smaller-scale concerts tours, amusement and theme parks, and theatre productions, where continuous use is required for extended period of times.


  • Built in 5-Pin DMX/RDM
  • Illuminated fog ready switch on remote
  • Digital DMX Interface
  • Powder coated steel chassis
  • 4” Hose Adapter – removable for custom installations
  • Industrial option available

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