Staging Concepts Adjustable Height Stair Unit

The Adjustable Height Stair Unit can be easily modified to fit stages that are adjustable in height, and includes a locking mechanism to attached quickly and firmly to Staging Concepts’ platforms.

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Staging Concepts’ Adjustable Height Stair Units attach easily to SC90 and SC97 Platforms with no loose parts or special tools.

  • Finish: Mill aluminum
  • Attachment: Equip stair system with locking mechanism to allow for attachment to side of platform
  • Treads: 12 inches (305mm) deep by 36 inches (914mm) wide
  • Adjustable height ranges: 16 inches – 24 inches (406mm – 610mm), 24 inches – 36 inches (610mm – 914mm), 36 inches to 56 inches (914mm – 1422mm), 48 inches – 72 inches (1219mm – 1829mm)
  • Tread Surface: Black polypropylene material or match platform surface
  • Handrail finish: mill aluminum, black powder coat, or silver powder coat

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