Sensor3 Touring Racks

ETC Sensor 48 x 2.4k rack

Sensor® Touring Racks are the standard in the industry, with more units on the road than any other brand. With CEM3 power control, electricians can now spend less time setting up the power system and more time focusing! Lighting professionals trust only Sensor3 for their high-stakes concert tours and road shows. Show after show, city after city, Sensor3 Touring Racks deliver the level of reliability and durability of permanently installed dimmers. Thousands of Sensor Touring Racks roll onto stages worldwide each day, making the tour grind easier with their high-density modular design, fully magnetic circuit breakers, network communication, and remote-monitoring capabilities. Their lighted patch bays and output panels simplify setup. And, with the CEM3 control module, networking your touring systems is much faster and more flexible!