GAM TwinSpin II

The GAM TwinSpin™ features ultra quiet operation. It is designed to rotate two patterns in opposite directions in the gate of an ellipsoidal spotlight, creating fantastic kinetic images. The variable speed motor drive can be controlled by almost any dimmer. TwinSpin™ may be programmed from your light board and operated as part of a light cue.


  • Speed control from your light board
  • New drive has ‘front-of-house’ quietness!
  • Fits the iris slot of most ellipsoidal fixtures
  • Control with most dimmers, needs no special cables
  • New wide speed range 0.3 to 10.0 rpm
  • Use glass or steel patterns


  • Rotate one pattern, what you see is what you get!
  • Spin twin patterns, they shimmer or sparkle
  • Mixed doubles will make areas appear and disappear
  • Add a ‘still’ in the pattern holder and the rotating patterns will animate the still pattern, making leaves rustle, flames dance and stars twinkle!
  • Add GamColor® in the gel frame

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