ETC ColorSource Spot

The ColorSource Spot outperforms other four-color LED profiles, thanks to its precise combination of red, green, blue and lime emitters. ETC applied its extensive color-mixing knowledge to the fixture to ensure that it can achieve brighter, richer and more believable colors than other budget LEDs. And it accepts all the Source Four LED accessories, zoom and fixed-focus lens tubes, and CYC and Fresnel adapters. Available in original or Deep Blue array options.


  • IP20-rated for indoor use
  • Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
  • Simple seven-segment, three-button interface with easy access
    to 12 customizable presets and five sequences
  • Exclusive RGB-L color array
  • Available with a Deep Blue array that replaces blue with indigo
  • Brightness and color range unlike any other four-color system
  • Optical calibration for consistency from fixture to fixture

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