11 Coolest Products in Our Warehouse – With Demos1 min read

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It’s probably no surprise, but our warehouse is full of all types of lights and entertainment technology gear, and we love it!

I’m still new to the company, but I’ve spent most of my time researching our inventory, learning about our products, and watching them as they’re prepped or tested for QC, and here are MY 11 favorites – so far.

These are ranked in no particular order:

1. Robe RoboSpots

2. Robe BMFL FollowSpots

3. GLP Impression x4 20 Bar

4. Martin Mac Aura

5. Martin Mac Viper Profile

6. Martin Mac Performance

7. ARRI SkyPanels

8. Elation Paladins

9. grandMA 3

10. Chauvet Well Fit

11. Chroma-Q ColorForce II

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