High End Systems Launches TurboRay1 min read

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High End Systems announces the release of the TurboRay automated luminaire. Offering a classic retro look with its radial diffusers, TurboRay brings a distinctive appearance to any lighting design. When used as a narrow-angle wash light or as a hard edge beam that produces beautiful aerial effects, the fixture is truly versatile. TurboRay’s soft edges, homogenized color, and smooth dimming make for a spectacular wash, the company says. In the air or projected on a surface, the fixture’s animated gobo wheel and other features produce textures unseen in any other fixture.

High End Systems general manager Becky Koester comments, “We are thrilled to have TurboRay as the first entry back into fixture manufacturing in our Austin, Texas headquarters. The positive reactions we’ve had from lighting designers around the world has been staggering, and we’re very excited to bring this fixture to market.”

Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner adds, “TurboRay is an awesome new look built on a classic style. Beyond its classic and volumetric face look, the fixture employs a powerful LED system with multiple types of color control. TurboRay gives users a wealth of tools to make any stage more exciting.”

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