GLP Lights Up Summer Night Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic1 min read

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Jerry Appelt turned to GLP for the Summer Night Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic using more than 440 GLP fixtures to ensure radiant illumination of stage, castle and gardens – and it’s beautiful!

From GLP: “For this mammoth task, the internationally renowned designer primarily relied on LED fixtures from the GLP portfolio. More than 440 of the innovative luminaires were used. Appelt turned to the impression X4 L to bathe the castle in light and create a stunning backdrop to the orchestra that he was able to emphasize with color accents during the course of the concert.

The white light onstage was created by 54 GLP impression S350 and 28 impression S350 Wash – both moving lights that the designer has come to appreciate. “I really like the impression S350 Wash. For medium-sized studios and concert areas this is a really great all-purpose tool. Both the S350 Wash and its spot counterpart are, in my opinion, a contemporary alternative for applications that once were predominantly covered with fixed zoom profiles. I used them for the first time in larger quantities at ‘MTV Unplugged’ with Udo Lindenberg, where I really liked them. The S350 also deliver a perfect, camera-friendly output, which was vital for the ORF broadcast of the Summer Night Concert.”

While the impression S350 occupied the keylight positions, the impression S350 Wash in the lower stage area served as a softer source.

For the audience light – especially for the distant positions, such as the area in front of the Neptune Fountain – Appelt used 24 pieces of the new GLP HIGHLANDER Wash. With its 1,400 watt lamp and large 230mm front lens, the HIGHLANDER Wash delivers impressive light output with optimal light quality.”

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