Chroma-Q Color Force II LEDs Shining Bright at Rammstein European Stadium Tour 20191 min read

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Roland Greil & Patrick Woodroffe, lighting designers, of Woodroffe Bassett Design used over 100 Chroma-Q® Color Force II™ LED battens to light the Rammstein’s European Stadium Tour 2019.

Rammstein, the legendary German metal band, is on their first-ever stadium tour, with 31 European dates this Summer. They are touring to promote their self-titled studio album. The tour is considered one of the most technically ambitious concert productions this decade.

With the massive stadium shows requiring production values to match, a versatile and tour-proof LED lighting solution which could be supplied in large quantities to achieve their artistic vision would be needed.

They found them with Chroma-Q’s Color Force II fixtures, and 86 Color Force II 72™ and 18 Color Force II 48™ LED battens, as well as 28 Color One 100/100X™ LED PARs were supplied.

Arranged in vertical strips upstage and on PA towers, plus horizontally upstage on the floor, the Color Force II fixtures deliver eye-catching strobe, blinder and chase effects which perfectly complement the band’s theatrical performances and trademark pyrotechnics.

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