A Socially-Distanced 2020 High School Graduation1 min read

high school outdoor graduation with social distancing
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The world is a very different place these days.

With stay-at-home orders in place over the last few months, school administrators were forced to get creative with upcoming graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020

Many schools shifted to virtual and socially-distanced graduations for their students, and we were lucky enough to be asked to assist with one.

Setting the stage

setting up pa system at outdoor high school graduation

We needed to help create a space for a full graduating class and allow for following social-distancing guidelines.

The school used their football field for the graduation, as it’s been found to be safer to hold gatherings in an outdoor setting, and it provided enough space for the students and their families.

Squares were painted on the field six feet apart and chairs were placed in the squares for the attendees.

The Build

A stage with a black backdrop was setup. We installed 600’ of Festoon Lights, 10 ETC Lustr IIs, and 4 Colorforce 72 iis.

We set up a Nexo PA for the announcements, and used 8 Yamaha NexoM28 Main Speakers, 2 Yamaha Nexo STM B112 Bass Speakers, a Yahama QL1 Digital Console, and a Yamaha Tio Rack for the audio.

Final Notes

The ceremony was a success and the students enjoyed the celebration. As the new school year approaches and the uncertainty of what that will look like, there’s a chance these new graduations are going to be around for awhile.

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