Over 1400 Free Workouts You Can do at Home While Gyms are Closed6 min read

1400 free workouts at home
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While we continue our focus on finding productive things for you to do during your downtime, we thought we’d address fitness.

We know some of you have taken this time to really focus on your diet and exercise, but many of us have been sitting on the couch binging on Netflix and potato chips (no judgement, please).

If your excuse for not working out has been that the gym is closed and you don’t have the equipment at home to do it, we’re about to change all that.

The philosophy behind working out at home

Times are tough right now. We all know that. But have you thought about the positive side of all of this? You have time to do a personal reset right now while the rest of the world is on pause. You can emerge from this smarter, more resilient, and yes, in better health and fitness.

Sticking to a workout routine right now is probably more about mindset than it is hitting a personal best on your bench press. A lot of us are in a funk right now, and the idea of working out isn’t our top priority. It’s time to set a new focus and start thinking about emerging from these troubling times in a better place than you were when they started.

Even without a full gym at your house, there are things you can do to help you lose weight or prevent a loss of muscle. Don’t expect to be doing deadlifts you’d be proud to post on Instagram, but just focus on getting in a workout – anything is better than nothing.

Set Daily Goals

You should be thinking about getting up and moving around. And no, going from the couch to the refrigerator doesn’t count.

Before getting into the workout routines, you need to make an effort to reduce your stress and get your body ready to move.


We know, we know….you’re too cool to meditate. Stop it! Meditation is a great way to get your thoughts under control right now, and it only takes a few minutes.

Shoot for 3-5 minutes of meditation every morning. If you don’t know how to meditate, there are free apps like Calm that can help.

There’s one reason most people stop working out: Stress. So let’s get rid of that, or at least keep it at bay.

Get your steps in

Most phones automatically track daily step counts. You should shoot for 10,000 steps each day. As long as you’re up and moving during the day, the steps will add up quickly, but if it’s almost dinner time and you see you’re still below your count, go for a qalk around the neighborhood. Just being outside will help with your stress levels.

Can’t find time to walk? Try doing it during a conference call, or a call to your family and friends to check in on them. Walk right after a meal. Fire up one of the podcasts we recommended and walk while you listen to it. There’s no reason walking has to be boring.

Warm it up

Ok, now it’s time to get to the workout portion of this post. But before you do any workout, you should get warmed up.

Find a good stretch routine on YouTube and spend a few minutes doing that. Trying doing a few jumping jacks to get your blood pumping. If you have a jumprope, do a minute with that.

Work it out

It’s time for the fun!

Years ago, I found a fitness coach named Neila Rey, and she put out a PDF with 100 Workouts you could do at home without workout equipment. I loved that PDF and kept it on my phone for when I traveled.

I decided to see if she was still around and noticed her old website redirects to a new, even better workout resource. And it’s awesome!

Darebee is now the home to all the workouts that were included in the original PDF, plus over 1400 other workouts – and it’s ALL FREE!

Just to clarify, we have zero affiliation with Darebee. We just think it’s a cool resource that could help our readers.

How it works

The site is very self-explanitory, but in case you need a little guidance, here’s how it all works.

There’s no right way to find a workout. If you don’t really know where to star, you can just pick the “Workout of the Day,” and jump right in. The main page also lists new releases, and has links to everything else on the site.

Workouts: This is where you’ll find all of the individual workouts. There’s also a filter to narrow the workouts down by muscle group or type of workout.

Programs: I love this section. It contains a huge selection of workout programs with different goals in mind. Definitely worth taking a look through the list.

Challenges: These are fun. They’re not all workouts, but they all have a goal of better fitness. Print one or two out and keep them on the fridge to help you work towards your goals!

Running: Ok, so maybe working out isn’t you’re thing. How about running? This section has routines to help with your running, and stretches to do before a run. You can even incorporate these into your regular workout routines.

Still not sure what workout is right for you? Luckily, they have a section to help you pick a program.

There’s so much more that can be found on that website, so if you’re trying to work on yourself during this downtime, do yourself a favor and check it out.

If you find a workout you love, tell us about it in the comments!

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