6 FREE Lighting Console Training Courses You Can Start Learning Today2 min read

6 FREE Lighting Console Training Courses You Can Start Learning Today
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Most of us are on day 3 of social distancing and self quarantining. In our continuing effort to provide you with things to do to fill the time and to help you become more valuable when the gigs start coming back, we’re putting together a list of lighting console training that you can start using right at home! 

We are working with manufacturers to get special access for our readers and fans, but we’ll also include the resources that are already available! 

Below is a list of Training Classes or tutorials for some of the most popular console programs. We’ve also included the links to download the software on your computer and start practicing right away. 

1. grandMA2

MA Lighting has a ton of training available, including their MA University (we have big news about MA University we’ll be releasing in the next 24 hours). They have released a large YouTube playlist of tutorials and free training that should get you up and running on MA2 in no time. 

Free MA2 Training tutorials (Youtube)

Download MA2 Software

2. grandMA3

If you’re already familiar with grandMA2, now is an excellent time to push yourself to learn grandMA3! Again, MA Lighting has created a large Youtube playlist of tutorials and training materials that will teach you enough to get started. And stay tuned for our MA University announcement! 

Free MA3 Tutorials and Training Materials (Youtube)

Download MA3 Software

3. Chamsys MagicQ

Chamsys MagicQ offers powerful lighting control on up to 200 universes with full lighting visualization, pixel mapping, and HD media playback on up to 8 different layers, all integrated smoothly to streamline workflows, save time, and shorten learning curves on even the most complex lighting systems. 

If MagicQ is popular in your area, and you haven’t had a chance to learn, take this downtime to jump in. Chamsys has a nice set of free beginner tutorials you can start on right now! 

MagicQ Free Beginner Tutorials and Training

Free MagicQ Software Download 

4. Hog4 PC

High End Systems‘ Hog4 is a very popular console and their training videos are fantastic! I called a representative today, and she assured me they are working nonstop to bring new training materials to their site to help encourage learning during this downtime. Their full list of videos is located on their website and is completely free! 

Hog4 PC Training Program – FREE

Download Hog4 PC

5. Obsidian Onyx

Obsidian Control Systems is deeply concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and is dedicated to supporting the entertainment industry. They will also offer free weekly training sessions covering the ONYX control platform and new NETRON data distribution range. These classes will be hosted online and are available globally for anyone interested in learning more about Obsidian’s advanced yet intuitive lighting control products. For more details and registration, please visit the Obsidian Control training webpage.

6. ETC Element

From ETC’s website, “We at ETC know times are tough out there for a lot of our valued users and friends in the industry. This won’t last forever, but for as long as it does, ETC is here for you. From now until May 15, ETC is offering all our LearningStage classes FREE. We will continue to offer resources over the next few weeks to help keep you learning, and adjust this timing for as long as we need. Until then, stay safe and stay connected.

One of the classes in LearningStage is the Element Essentials class which is completely free. If you’re looking for a new console to learn, ETC is making it easy for you right now. 

Element Level 1: Essentials – Free Training 

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