Job Details For Website

A place to submit information and photos for completed jobs, or work in progress. All information will be packaged and added to our website as a blog post and/or added to our portfolio.
  • This is who we did the job for.
  • I will use this for future email campaigns. It’s important to have so I can make sure they are in our email list, and to reach out to them a few times a year to stay in contact.
  • Doesn’t need to be exact, but need an approx month or date to include in the website write-up.
  • In your own words, please describe details of the job that can be used on the website. The more information, the better. Examples: Permanent Installation, corporate event with 300 attendees, etc.
  • Include the number of each fixture if possible.
  • This is helpful for the website, but especially useful for sharing on social media.
  • Drop files here or