US Air Force Academy Chooses Magnum for Permanent TV Studio Installation2 min read

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In November of last year, the US Air Force Academy reached out to us about doing a permanent installation of a TV Studio in their facility.

While most people know Magnum offers permanent lighting installations, not many people know we offer full studio installations as well, so it was a fun job for us.

Prepping the Area

To start, we needed to strike all of the existing quartz incandescent fixtures in the building, and assemble and install all new LED fixtures. We hung and focused the LEDS for all three sets.

Set 1: Anchor Desk

For the desk set, we installed a green cyc wall, also known as a cyclorama wall – a curved wall used as a background of a stage set to suggest unlimited space, and installed soft, even LED lighting to fill the space.

Litepanels Sola LED Fresnels were used as backlighting for the talent sitting at the anchor desk.

To properly light the talent at the desk, we provided a Lightpanels Astra 6X Daylight LED soft light wrap, which included light fixture control accessories.

Set 2: Photo Stand Up Area with White Backdrop

No studio is complete without an area for still photography. 

We installed a white backdrop with Litepanels Gemini 2X1 color-changing LED lighting for the printed mural, with Litepanels Sola LED Fresnels as backlight for the sitting positions.

We also included a Lightpanels Astra 6X Daylight LED soft key and fill light for the sitting positions along with light fixture control accessories.

Working with the Crew

Once everything was installed, we programmed all lighting with the client and camera crew to make sure all the levels were correct.

Finally, we provided a fixture overview of simple troubleshooting and a complete control console training for the client.

The set turned out great, and will get a ton of use. 

With more people turning to virtual events, pop-up studios and permanent installations of filming sets for webinars and live-streaming are becoming incredibly popular.

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