Our Full Lighting Installation for Home Depot HDTV Studios1 min read

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Home Depot redesigned their HDTV studio and gave us a call to come completely relight the new set.

Their existing lighting needed replacement because of the complete overhaul of the studio space.

We’ve been doing more and more studio updates and permanent studio installations as companies start hosting virtual events and streaming options.

The Installation

Our task was to strike all existing studio fixtures, relamp all of the selected studio fixtures that were used.

We also hung & focused the studio fixtures and provided and installed the Enviromental LED Strip Lights for the new set pieces. We created an entirely new detailed lighting plot and programmed all of the lighting to the new ETC Element console.

As always, once the installation was complete, we met with their crew and provided a full system training.

Gear List and Manufacturers

Mole Richardson 1K Fresnels – Fill & Backlights Main Set

Mole Richardson 2K Softlights – Key Lights Main Set

Mole Richardson 1K Scoop – Fill Lights on – Tool Show Set

Mole Richardson 2K Fresnel – Key Lights – Tool Show Set

Mole Richardson – All Existing

ETC – Control Console – New

Environmental Lights – LED Strip Set Lighting – New

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