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oregon public broadcasting exterior building studio
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MAGNUM was contacted by Oregon Public Broadcast for help with a full broadcast studio renovation last December. They are the primary television and radio public broadcasting network for most of Oregon as well as southern Washington. OPB consists of five full-power television stations, dozens of VHF or UHF translators, and over 20 radio stations and frequencies. Broadcasts include local and regional programming as well as television programs from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and American Public Television (APT), and radio programs from National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International (PRI), American Public Media (APM), Public Radio Exchange (PRX), and the BBC World Service, among other distributors. Its headquarters and television studios are located in Portland.

As of 2006, OPB had over one million viewers throughout its region and an average of over 380,000 radio listeners each week.

The Broadcast Studio Renovation

MAGNUM provided an ETC 24 circuit DR rack relay system. There were 8 DMX out receptacles, 2 wall button stations and a master control station for the control room.

We worked closely with the onsite electrical contractor to meet the clients’ needs. We performed an inventory count, unboxed the gear, assembled and tested all fixtures then began the hang and focus.

Next, we assembled the Staging Dimension stage and provided the lighting for the talent on stage. For the overhead lighting, we installed the Mole Richardson Variable Spacelites. All talent lighting was Mole Richardson LED Fresnels and Softlites.

There was a portable Pro Cyc Green Screen setup with 2 Matthews stands, a cross bar and Pro Cyc Green Screen, all illuminated with Mole Richardson LED fixtures. 

Once everything was installed, we worked with the client by going over each fixture type and the functionality, programmed the system and held a training for the ETC system.

Manufacturers Used

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