New $85M Buford High School Finally Opening its Doors to Students and Parents1 min read

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It’s been a busy summer for our install team, and we’re looking forward to this one coming online.

Buford High School is a massive, three-building complex that looks more like a small university campus than a high school. The campus includes two gyms, a performing arts center and nearly 100 classrooms.

Besides classrooms, there will be 22 foot high ceiling practice rooms for chorus, band, etc., each measuring more than 30×40 feet. The theatre has a 55 foot high stage, with comfortable individual seats for 800 in the audience.

Dr. Chris Fowler, the Buford  school’s Fine Arts Coordinator, is pleased at what he is seeing: “It’s an exciting time for our entire community. This facility will serve our students and families for many decades, and the forward-thinking of our leaders is to be highly commended. This sort of facility gives us new possibilities for young people and encourages the excellence that Buford is so well known for.”

We are so proud to have been a part of making this school! Special thanks to High End Systems and Electronic Theatre Controls.

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