Mount Vernon Baptist Church Lighting Upgrade – Before and After1 min read

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MAGNUM was asked to completely upgrade the control and lighting system at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.

Mount Vernon Baptist Church has gathered weekly since 1956 in the heart of Sandy Springs, minutes north of downtown Atlanta..

The Installation

Mount Vernon’s Multi-Purpose Room is where the majority of the upgrades were done.

We upgraded the control system from NSI DDS dimmer packs to an ETC Echo 24 circuit relay panel with LCD touch screen control in the control booth. We installed a centrally located 4-button wall station, four DMX out receptacle stations and an ETC Echo Access for control with wireless devices.

We also replaced their existing incandescent house light fixtures with new Meteor SS10-110-408-UNV-DMX-WD-AD10 White Pendant style LED lighting.

Their quartz halogen wall washers were replaced with new Chauvet EVE P-130 RGB color changing LED fixture.

Their stage had ETC quartz halogens which we replaced with ETC Colorsource Spot color-changing LEDs.

To finish off the installation, we replaced the outdoor recessed incandescent down lights under the eve to the new Portfolio 6″ LED Recessed down lights.

Gear List

Control System – ETC Stage Lighting – ETC Wall Washers – Chauvet Pendant Lighting – Meteor Lighting Recessed Outdoor Lights – Portfolio/Cooper

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