Massive 2,000-Square-Foot LED TV Screen Coming to Tower Square [Renders]1 min read

tower square midtown atlanta with led screen
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Last Wednesday, CBRE announced the “future” of Tower Square by way of a new rendering.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tower Square in Atlanta, it is the redevelopment of the 1.8 million-square-foot, mixed-use tower formerly anchored by AT&T.

In an email interview with What Now Atlanta, a Tower Square Spokesman said, “As the team gears up to kick off Phase II of the multimillion-dollar capital improvement project, the rendering shows how renovations to the Annex and upgrades to the 28,000-square-foot Green will interact to create a collaborative, open-air environment.”

Once an interior mall, The Annex is being converted into a retail space with storefronts facing West Peachtree St, making it a better experience for everyone.

In addition to the redevelopment of The Annex is the improvements being made to The Green, a green space featuring patio and covered seating and wifi.

But the biggest addition coming to The Green is an LED screen spanning more than 2,000 square feet (61 feet wide X 34 feet tall).

large led wall in midtown atlanta's tower square
Photo courtesy: What Now Atlanta

No word on what will be displayed on the LED wall, but we imagine it will be a great spot for socially-distanced movie watching, or a place to see your favorite Atlanta team play.

The LED screen and other changes to Tower Square are part of Phase II renovations, and are scheduled to begin this year.

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