Delta Air Lines’ Two-Set Studio for Live Broadcasting: Built by MAGNUM3 min read

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Delta Air Lines is headquartered in Atlanta, so when we received a call from them to install a permanent 2-set studio in their offices, we were excited to help.

Delta wanted two different sets built, both as broadcasting studios. Their offices are located at the ATL airport (duh), and they wanted to convert two large, existing office spaces into the studios.

delta air lines studio space in their atlanta headquarters

Beginning the Build

We installed 1.5 scheduled 40 pipe grid, spaced 4’ x 4’ for the LED lighting.

Set construction began by installing a two-wall cyclorama with one curved corner, and building out framing for the drywall.  We used the pro cyc prefabricated standing curves and bottom curves to tie into the drywall to create a seamless infinity wall.

The next step was to mud in the drywall seams of the prefab curves to keep the seamless look, then paint the entire structure with chroma key green paint.


roscoe black tile studio floor tiles

Studios need special flooring because of the equipment being used on it. Cameras and dollies need to be able to roll around, tripods need to be used and slid around, and gaff tape needs to be applied….lots of gaff tape.

Our recommendation was to use Rosco Studio Tiles, and Delta agreed. We installed 3’x3’ Studio black tile flooring throughout.


It’s important to have chroma green as an option, but there are times you won’t want to worry about keying the background out. Most studios have different options they can bring in for the backdrop, but a better option is having curtains that can be pulled to hide the chroma green.

We installed a large track and curtains to black out the green cyc wall when not in use.

Lighting the Sets

The chroma wall was illuminated with a DeSisti Variable Soft Panel, and the talent standing in front of the wall will be lit using a key light.

Working with the DeSisti Variable Soft Panel lighting the wall, we selected a DeSisti Magis LED Variable White Fresnel to help provide backlighting to the talent.

The lights were all hung and focused, and all of the lighting is controlled by an ETC Echo Relay panel and the ETC ColorSource 40 AV console.

Final Notes

We’re seeing more and more studio installations being done in our new normal Post-COVID world. These studios are being used for webinars, company broadcasts, live streams, and other virtual events.

MAGNUM is able to provide complete packages for studio installations where everything you need is customized to your exact needs. 

If you have questions about setting up a studio or a space for hosting webinars or livestreams, call us and speak with one of our virtual events specialists.

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