Want to be a Lighting Designer? Now’s Your Chance With Lux Partum3 min read

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If there’s a silver-lining to these crazy times, it’s that our industry has pulled together and created free training, and virtual experiences like we’ve never seen before.

Meet Lux Partum

Lux Partum was created as something special to be enjoyed by everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea behind the project was to realize an interactive light installation in the Motorwerk Berlin that, for the period of ten days, can be controlled by visitors to the website.

You are the Lighting Designer

Not only can you see and hear a livestream of the artwork, but you can also take control of the lighting installation from your home computer.

Visitors will be able to transform their interpretation of the music into visual imagery by changing the look and atmosphere of the installation. This level of interaction has profound impact during this current time of quarantine, not only connecting visitors safely to an experience outside their home but to other people who are similarly isolated.

Fun Fact: The local control is done by a grandMA2.

In Their Own Words

People are visual beings who gather most of their information through their eyes. That is why so many live shows are supported with impressive staging and powerful lighting shows, to provide a visual representation of the music. The goal is always to allow participants to hear, see, and feel the music in a sense-encompassing package. They can then express themselves and share the singular experience with fellow guests through dance or discourse, strengthening it for everyone and becoming part of the experience themselves.

These real, haptic experiences are unfortunately not possible with the current pandemic state. This is why the lighting collective behind this artwork wants to involve the visitors as much as possible with the installation, thereby bringing the guests into the installation, attempting to reproduce a real shared experience.

Lux Partum was conceived and constructed by a group of artists and designers: Chris Moylan, Lars Musasch, and Andreas Schindler from Berlin and Matthias Schöffmann from Linz, Austria. The soundtrack is composed by Grammy-nominated DJ and Producer Paul van Dyk, also from Berlin. Technical equipment and installation was provided by TLT-Event AG.

Time is Running Out

Lux Partum launched on May 8th, and is set to last for 10 days, so you have two days left to be the lighting designer at MotorWerk Berlin.

A screenshot of the controls. On the right, you see a list of people controlling the lights, and below are the settings when it’s your turn.

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