Entertainment Technology Weekly Link Roundup #16 min read

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We hope you’ve all had a decent week.

Life can be hectic these days, so we pulled together some of the most interesting stories we found around the web this week.


Coronavirus: Tate and Sadler’s Wells in London add to a ‘tsunami’ of job losses – Some of the amazing photos from Tuesday’s #WeMakeEvents and #LightItInRed activities

How the lighting sector can cut its environmental impact – Introduced and chaired by Ray Molony, speakers challenged the industry to set ambitious goals and explore how innovative product design can have a positive impact on sustainability.

Beginner’s Guide to MA Consoles – Whether or not you are a novice or a pro, lighting is one of the most accessible and most enjoyable ways to pass the time. You may find yourself loving creating captivating moments with lighting. All of this is alright. It is also okay to try new things and never be afraid to use your lighting rig to its fullest potential.

Elation expands Fuze series with Wash FR – Designed as a fusion of performance, features and value, Elation’s Fuze series of LED fixtures has found a niche in the market. Elation is now expanding the series with the Fuze Wash FR, an automated LED Fresnel fixture with framing designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications and ideal for the refined performance required in theatrical venues.

Robe supports #LightSARed campaign – The South African entertainment industry joined forces on 5 August for the #LightSARed ‘Code Red’ activation.

City Theatricals Shows Off the Track Tamers™– Load-rated Track Tamers separate the lockdown of the track from the lockdown of the lighting fixture, making the lighting technician’s job faster and safer.

Chauvet Professional Lights Code Orange’s Convergence of Time in ‘Under The Skin’ Livestream – Time and place bend in unexpected, often unfathomable ways during the uncertain days of a pandemic. Cut off from the “normal” flow of events, people look to the future, exploring new forms of expression. Yet, as the pace of life slows, the past folds back on the present, revealing itself in novel ways.


ARRI’s SkyPanel 360-C replicates moonlight for “Repetitivum” – While shooting his graduation film “Repetitivum,” film student Andreas Meichsner learned to appreciate working with the ARRI SkyPanel 360-C.

International Cinematographers Guild Local 669 Member Mike Johnson Builds Ventilator Prototype for COVID-19 Patients – With a professional background in robotic systems, Johnson was able to put his skills and expertise to work during the COVID-19 crisis by successfully building the first two prototypes in the first cycle of production of ventilators for Alberta Health Services.

5 Cinematography Styles That Every Film Uses – The look of a film or feature can make or break even the best storyline or acting. For that reason, and many others, a lot of thought goes into the style of a film. Here are five that every film draws from.

The Softest Hollywood Lighting Setups | 3 Easy Tricks


5 Ways to Raise the Bar on Virtual Events – Good technology and smart marketing are only the basics for online meetings. The harder part is getting attendees to pay attention.

5 Hybrid Event Examples To Inspire Your Process – Lately, we’ve been diving deeper into the exciting world of hybrid events. Because by now, we’ve all realized that these will make up a significant chunk of our work as an industry. And since topics such as networking and production value have already been discussed, we figured it was time to bring some inspiration to the table. In the form of hybrid event examples you can learn from!

San Francisco Musician Delivers Free Concerts to a Music-Starved City – In the language of music, a rest is a moment of silence, often lasting just a few beats. For Andrew St. James, though, the rest that COVID-19 composed was way too long for him to stay quiet.

NAMM Announces Believe in Music Week, The Global Gathering to Unite and Support the Industry – In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the health and safety of NAMM members as the first priority, NAMM is reimagining how to connect all facets of the industry while benefiting those most deeply impacted by COVID-19 with the launch of Believe in Music: The global gathering to unify and support the people who bring music to the world.

Brooklyn Bowl Nashville Connects With Fans At Home – The recently opened 1,200-capacity Brooklyn Bowl Nashville has not yet been able to take full advantage of its concert facility due to COVID-19, but it has successfully utilized its live production and streaming workflow and remote capabilities to bring in-house musical performances to fans’ homes.


How to Develop Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Five Tips According to Science – When you take a look at the state of things in the world right now, you quickly realize that it takes great strength to stand and live a meaningful life.

Want to Reduce Brain Fog And Improve Clear Thinking? Give up These Things Immediately – We are all looking for ways to create more meaningful lives with less to distract us.

You’re sitting wrong — and your back knows it. Here’s how to sit instead – One of the side effects of working from home full-time because of the pandemic is working with a less than ergonomically ideal setup. Most of us didn’t have a home office space ready and waiting when we began to shelter in place, so if you’ve spent the past two months shifting around on a borrowed dining room chair with a cushion wedged behind you, you’re not alone.

13 Habits Of Mentally Tough People – Mental toughness is paramount for achieving any lofty goal or overcoming extreme hurdles. Few great things in this world come without a little bit of adversity. Nothing amazing happens inside our comfort zones. Whether we are talking about earning a promotion, nurturing a challenged marriage, mastering a sport, building or saving a small business, battling disease, dealing with the loss of a loved one, raising children, or hunting terrorists, some suffering will always be attached. That’s why the things we love and work hard for are rewarding.

We’ll be back next week with another roundup for you. If you have a link you’d like to be considered for our list, let us know in the comments, or reach out to us on social media!

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