20 Webcams to Watch While You Stay at Home8 min read

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Most of us are over two weeks into following “Stay at Home” guidelines, and boredom might be setting in. Are you getting tired of Virtual Happy Hours? Have you already gone through our list of Free Event Technology Training that you could be doing? Don’t see a band doing a virtual concert that you’re interested in tonight? Well, boy, do we have something for you! 
Streaming webcams aren’t new. You’ve probably even seen a few in your life. But with the coronavirus keeping us all home, they’re something to dust off and reconsider. We’ve gone through a lot of webcams to try to find some of the more interesting ones to keep you entertained. In no particular order, here are 20 webcams we think you’ll like: 

1. Drive Me Insane Cam 

You’ll probably get bored of this one after a few minutes, but it’s a cam set up in a guys room and you have full controls of lights in the room. Your goal is to drive the resident insane by turning on lamps. There’s even a disco ball!  

2. Light Bulb Cam 

Another lighting cam, and another one that you won’t get much entertainment out of, but it’s the Centennial Light Bulb, and it’s 117 years old! It’s been declared the oldest known working light bulb by the Guinness Book of World Records. 

3. Sunset Beach, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten 

Most of the world is staying home now, and air travel has decreased during this time, but this is still a fun camera to watch. The camera looks down on the infamous Sunset Beach, where airplanes land just feet from the beach area, and you can see it happen on this camera throughout the day. And when there aren’t airplanes coming in, it’s still a relaxing beach to look at. 

4. Kitten Academy 

Stop it meow, you’ve got to be kitten me! Ok, all puns aside, we are loving these live streaming views from the Kitten Academy in Fox Lake, IL. Tune in daily and see what the feline residents are up to…whether they’re playing together or taking a snooze, we can agree it’s all adorable. 

5. Wolf Conservation Center 

These live webcam views are something to howl about! Go live to the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY with this collection of cameras. The Center invites viewers to enter the private lives of their ‘Ambassador’ wolves Atka, Alawa, Zephyr and Nikai, and three elusive packs of critically endangered wolves. 

6. ZooMiami Meerkat Cam 

Peek into the life of a meerkat colony with this live webcam located inside their exhibit at Zoo Miami in Florida. Watch this active family as they explore their habitat, dig a new burrow and delight the guests that come to visit them. 

7. Crystal Bay Yacht Club Live Stream From Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand 

Crystal Bay Yacht Club sits on a small but perfect beach on the Island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The calm warm crystal clear sea, powder soft white sand and beautiful tropical gardens make this location truly special. A perfect spot to visit while you’re stuck at home. 

8. Old Faithful cam

Instead of arguing with your roommate or spouse while spending so much time together, spend some time watching Yellowstone Park’s famous geyser Old Faithful erupt instead. 

9. Abbey Road cam

Live cam of Abbey Road, made famous by the Beatles. Watch the hilarity ensue as tourists stop traffic in order to emulate the scene. 

10. Africam

Watch wild animals in the beautiful African bush LIVE and unscripted. Elephants, Lions, Leopards and many more make appearances every day in the remotest of Africa’s locations. 

11. Vancouver Aquarium

This aquarium actually has a lot of different cams you can choose from. If you have kids at home, this would be a great place to hang out and see penguins, sea otters, jellyfish, and so much more. 

12. Critter Yard cam

Critter Yard has a live cam with an interactive feature that lets you feed the chickens every 20 minutes. 

13. Watching Grass Grow cam

For the thrill-seekers, you can literally watch grass grow over at the aptly-named Watching Grass Grow cam site. 

14. Times Square

This one is odd to watch now with the streets mostly empty because of the stay at home order, but the lights are still shining, so if you want to see the bright lights of Times Square, check it out. 

15. Big Rig Travels cam

Live like a trucker and travel across America in a big rig with Big Rig Steve and his live cam. 

16. Loch Ness Monster cam

Watch for Nessie at the Loch Ness Monster Cam. 

17. Atlanta Cam

We couldn’t skip one of the most famous cams in our hometown! This virtual tour will give you incredible views of beautiful Atlanta, GA. Enjoy live-streaming views of Marietta Street next to the Georgia World Congress Center, including the downtown city skyline and happenings in Centennial Olympic Park. 

18. Baby Goat & Live Farm Cams

Hey you city-dwellers, get a down-home farm feeling at Syman Says Farms in Connecticut where you’ll watch its goats and baby goats being fed and being playful. Oh, soooo cute! 

19. Empire State Building

You’ll take Manhattan with two awesome views of the Empire State Building: one of the building’s front and center (ESB Cam), while the other looks south. These live views showcase the beauty of the city’s skyline. Currently, the top of the building is pulsing red in support of all the frontline workers during the coronavirus epidemic. 

20. Yo Jay Hudson Streams – Mural Artist

If you have ever wanted to watch a professional artist in action, this is the webcam for you! See him create awesome artwork right before your eyes. 

Hopefully, you find something here to enjoy during this downtime. There really are thousands of amazing webcams to view around the world, so if you’ve seen any interesting ones (keep them clean, please), we’d love to hear about them in the comments. 

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