CHAUVET Professional extends ReSet Fund: Supporting Live Events and the people who make them happen1 min read

chauvet professional reset fund with stage lights
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CHAUVET Professional has extended their ReSet Fund program until the end of the year. The goal is to help individuals in the live event industry.

“We are in the season of giving and during a year when everyone has given so much,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “We see the ReSet Fund as a way to demonstrate the critical importance of supporting our community during good times and challenging times like now. As we emerge from the pandemic, we believe programs like this will help make the industry even stronger.”

Fundraising merchandise is available through CHAUVET Professional’s website ( More information on BTS resources can be found at The final donation will be made in December.

For those who wish to support the ReSet Fund without monetary contribution, CHAUVET Professional is sharing messages of solidarity and support via its social media platforms.

“This is not just about charitable contributions,” Chauvet said. “This is also about the message that together we will overcome these trying times to get to an even better place.”

For more information on the ReSet Fund, visit: CHAUVET Professional Teams Up To Launch ReSet Fund To Help COVID-19 Impacted Lighting Designers, Technicians

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