AJC features MAGNUM’s own Jackie – the woman behind Midtown’s holiday lights2 min read

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On Friday, December 11th, Courtney Kueppers from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) published a glowing article on our very own, Jackie Leiby.

Jackie has been with us for over 30 years, and we all love her like she’s family, so we were excited to her get recognized for the tireless effort she puts into bringing the holidays to Midtown Atlanta, and the surrounding areas.

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From the article:

For Jackie Leiby, Christmas starts in July. That’s when, under her careful tutelage, crews first start stringing holiday lights on trees along Midtown’s Peachtree Street.

Now, Leiby and her team are in the thick of the busy season, when the workdays are long, and the planning they have done for months to spread some seasonal cheer in metro Atlanta will be put to the test.

For more than three decades, Leiby — whose coworkers describe as a grandmotherly figure who can, and does, outwork them all — has had a hand in creating some of the metro area’s most memorable light displays in her role as special projects manager at Magnum Lighting and Production.

AJC requires a subscription, but you are able to view one or two articles for free each month, so hopefully everyone gets a chance to read all about Jackie.

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