How to Set New Goals and Achieve Them

two people sitting in vehicle watching the sunrise

While we’re not in the business of self-help, we know times are…uneasy right now. With parts of the country starting to reopen, we guess a lot of you are starting to think about what life will be like moving forward. We want to take some time this week addressing goals and habits. This week is […]

Over 1400 Free Workouts You Can do at Home While Gyms are Closed

While we continue our focus on finding productive things for you to do during your downtime, we thought we’d address fitness. We know some of you have taken this time to really focus on your diet and exercise, but many of us have been sitting on the couch binging on Netflix and potato chips (no judgement, […]

The Best Lighting and Theatre Tech Podcasts to Check Out

blog cover image for a list of lighting and tech theatre podcasts with computer screen and microphone

Podcasts have really taken off over the last few years. No matter the topic, there’s probably a podcast for every thinkable topic.  If you’re new to podcasts, think of them as TV shows for your ears. Most podcasts update regularly – whether daily or weekly. And if you download a podcast app, you can listen […]

5 Tips to Get Your Focus Under Control During Lockdown

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If you’ve been having trouble finding your focus lately, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve seen all the free training happening in our industry but keep telling yourself you’ll get to it tomorrow. Or maybe you feel like you need to focus on getting in better shape right now, but just can’t get motivated to do […]