Want to be a Lighting Designer? Now’s Your Chance With Lux Partum

If there’s a silver-lining to these crazy times, it’s that our industry has pulled together and created free training, and virtual experiences like we’ve never seen before. Meet Lux Partum Lux Partum was created as something special to be enjoyed by everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea behind the project was to realize […]

Delta Air Lines’ Two-Set Studio for Live Broadcasting: Built by MAGNUM

Delta Air Lines is headquartered in Atlanta, so when we received a call from them to install a permanent 2-set studio in their offices, we were excited to help. Delta wanted two different sets built, both as broadcasting studios. Their offices are located at the ATL airport (duh), and they wanted to convert two large, existing […]

How to Set New Goals and Achieve Them

two people sitting in vehicle watching the sunrise

While we’re not in the business of self-help, we know times are…uneasy right now. With parts of the country starting to reopen, we guess a lot of you are starting to think about what life will be like moving forward. We want to take some time this week addressing goals and habits. This week is […]

Take a Virtual Car Trip From the Comfort of Your Couch

We know how tough this “stay at home” stuff has been. We hoped keeping you up to date on all the free training for our industry would help pass the time, but sometimes you just want to relax and get away. Enter “Drive & Listen“ I didn’t know what to expect when pulling up this […]

Burning Man Festival Opts for Virtual Event for 2020

burning man sculpture house with legs in middle of desert in black rock city

Another day, another live event gets canceled and replaced with a virtual event. This time, it’s Burning Man – the annual event where gatherers build and take down an ephemeral encampment called Black Rock City in the Nevada desert. This year, Burning Man 2020 will be recreated in what organizers call “The Multiverse.” Burning Man dates were initially set to […]

Over 1400 Free Workouts You Can do at Home While Gyms are Closed

While we continue our focus on finding productive things for you to do during your downtime, we thought we’d address fitness. We know some of you have taken this time to really focus on your diet and exercise, but many of us have been sitting on the couch binging on Netflix and potato chips (no judgement, […]

Can’t Pay Your Phone Bill Right Now? Here’s What to do.

Money is tight these days, and cell phone bills aren’t cheap. Many people are finding themselves in a tough situation when their cell phone bill comes due during these challenging times. The good news is, you might be able to work things out with your carrier. In March, Federal Communications Commission Chair Ajit Pai announced the Keep Americans […]

The Best Lighting and Theatre Tech Podcasts to Check Out

blog cover image for a list of lighting and tech theatre podcasts with computer screen and microphone

Podcasts have really taken off over the last few years. No matter the topic, there’s probably a podcast for every thinkable topic.  If you’re new to podcasts, think of them as TV shows for your ears. Most podcasts update regularly – whether daily or weekly. And if you download a podcast app, you can listen […]

2020 NFL ‘Virtual’ Draft – Putting Virtual Events to the Test

header image with football field lights on and nfl 2020 draft logo

2020 NFL ‘Virtual’ Draft – Putting Virtual Events to the Test The 2020 NFL Draft was set to kickoff tonight from Las Vegas, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, and Stay At Home orders all across the country, the NFL has decided to make a change – to take the draft virtual. We’ve seen a […]