6 Tips for Creating a Successful Light Plot for Your Stage Production

stage lights in orange and white

Lighting a stage can be a daunting task, but with a little planning and creativity, you can create a lighting plot that enhances your production and sets the mood for your audience. Here are some tips for creating a good light plot: 1. Start with a blank canvas Before you start adding lights, it’s important […]

9 Film Lights Showing up on Sets in 2022

There is no shortage of lighting fixtures on film sets. Everywhere you turn, there are lights. It’s hard to walk on a set and not see a bunch of HMIs hanging out, or SkyPanel S60s everywhere, but with LED technology taking off, we’re seeing a lot of new lighting fixtures entering the scene. Here are […]

Installation – Magnum Upgrades Studio for Weather Group Studio 1C Espanyol

weather channel studio installation

Weather Group Television LLC Studio 1C Espanyol Studio in Marietta, Georgia, was in need of a complete overhaul of its studio space. With the help of gear from ETC and LitePanels, we were able to create an updated studio. The Weather Group removed all of the existing fixtures in 1C Espanyol Studio. Magnum designed this […]

Install – Converting Small Studio Space for Strong Automotive Merchandise

small studio conversion using green screen

Strong Automotive Merchandise out of Birmingham, AL called us to take a look at a small studio space they were using. The existing small studio consisted of a couple of old daylight Litepanels and a couple of Kino Flo Fluorescents plugged directly into outlets and switched on by breakers. We were able to convert the […]

Three-Point Lighting for Non-Studio Productions: Is it really possible?

three point lighting outside of studio

A lot changes when you step outside of a controlled studio setting.  As a lighting professional, what you notice immediately is that you have less control over the ambient light sources around you — whether the production takes place indoors or outdoors.  If you’ve ever struggled to force a traditional three-point lighting setup to work, […]

Adding Ambience – Using Fog and Haze on Stage

fog and haze on concert stage

When you want to add a sense of eeriness, wonder, or magic to a stage production, fog and haze can be great options. They let you alter the look of any scene to create certain types of ambiance and make specific lighting effects easier to achieve. However, using fog and haze machines effectively can be […]

Using LED Pixel Tape on Stage – What You Need to Know

blue led pixel tape going over hand

LED pixel tape is incredibly versatile. When you’re designing your stage lighting, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to have available. It provides you with far more options than classic fixtures you would use for a basic show. That makes LED pixel tape a magnificent supplement to include in your light installation if you […]

Managing Your Light and AV Installation: A How-To Guide

av installation in theatre

When you’re preparing for a production, managing your light and audio/video (AV) installation is usually a big undertaking. Not only do you need the right fixtures in the proper places, but you also have to tackle cable management, labeling, controllers, and much more. Luckily, managing your light and AV installation doesn’t have to be challenging. […]