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Can You Run “GrandMA” on a Raspberry pi?

Have you tried building a “GrandMA” on a raspberry pi using the onPC software? Turns out, it doesn’t really work. Technically, Windows 10 can run on a raspberry pi, but it’s extremely slow, and unusable. There is other software such as QLC plus that will give you some basic stuff, but nothing nearly as complex
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Still Looking for a Halloween Costume – This Might be the Answer [Video]

We’re a week away from Halloween, and if you still haven’t found the perfect costume, these glowing LED stick figures from GlowyZoey might be the perfect solution for you and the family. Check out the video of it in action Have any other costume ideas? Share them in the comments.


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5 Places to Study Lighting Design

Are you interested in becoming a lighting designer, but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 ideas to get you going: 1. Do a search for production companies in your area. This is often overlooked, but possibly the best option if you’re wanting to learn lighting design. Working for a production company will give
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